Permits – Collection and Export

KorallionLab is located within the Republic of Maldives.

All research, scientific, teaching or commercial activities, (including commercial photography) are subject to Republic of Maldives regulation and permit is required.
Any permit must be obtained well in advance of your arrival on the island through Korallionlab.
Research Permits are obtained from the Ministry of Fishery and Agriculture (MOFA) at USD 150.00 per permit.

Please feel free to fill your permit requirements for any activities you plan while at Korallionlab using the link on the Booking at Korallionlab Page.

If you intend to export any specimens they will need to be clearly stated in your form. Export specimen letters must be requested after your arrival at Korallionlab.

Korallionlab will automatically forward your form to the relevant Authority to ensure you can obtain your permit before your visiting.
This process will take approximately 4 weeks.
At the same time please remember that filling out the form does not necessarily mean all your requirements will be allowed – it will remain your responsibility to apply for the correct permits relating to your research activities and to ensure your research is included in the permit approved letter from the government.  

For any queries, you may contact Korallionlab general manager for general local knowledge and assistance.

Please see Visiting and Booking> Booking at Korallionlab