Vavvaru has tropical monsoon driven climate with prevailing south-west winds from May to November and north-east winds from November to April. The majority of the rain falls from June to November while winter and spring months are relatively dry.
The Hulhangu Monsoon season runs from May to November leading to significantly higher rainfall, particularly on the southern islands; this period can see strong winds and rain as well as overcast skies.
The Iruvai dry season sees a reduction in humidity. Winds are quite calm during winter and spring month.
The average temperature generally ranges between 25°C (77°F) and 31°C (88°F) during the day, falling to 23°C (73°F) at night. Humidity is generally high with the wet season experiencing humidity levels of above 80% on average and the dryer months still as high as 75%; this is somewhat tempered by the sea breeze that can be felt almost anywhere in a little Island as Vavvaru.
Hulhangu Monsoon (May- November) temperature range: 24.0°C overnight – 29.0°C during the day.
Iruvay season (November-April) temperature range: 26°C overnight – 32°C during the day.

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